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What Is Dead Sperm? | Diagnosis, Causes & Treatment

Do you want to know what is dead sperm and what is the medical term of it? Well, this article will give you all know-how on this topic and its treatment, diagnosis and treatment. Now, if that sounds interesting to you, then let us begin. 

Necrozoospermia, also known as necrospermia, is a medical word that indicates when sperm in a fresh sperm sample is dead (or necrotic).

Necrozoospermia may be classed as mild (50-80% rotten sperm) or severe (80% necrotic sperm) (80 per cent or more of sperm are necrotic). A sperm sample is termed “normal” if 30 per cent or less of the sperm is necrotic.

Causes of Necrozoospermia

It is unclear what causes Necrozoospermia. Because it is so uncommon, there are many unknowns. Among the possible reasons and hypotheses are:

  • Abnormally high body temperature (such as in men who use wheelchairs or hot tubs)
  • Paternal age is advanced.
  • Anti-sperm antibodies (in which the body’s immune system attacks its own standard, healthy sperm cells)
  • Early-stage testicular cancer
  • Toxin exposure, such as lead, insecticides, mercury, or cadmium
  • Hormonal factors, such as hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, may produce hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (HH)
  • Problems with the testicles or epididymis Infection in the male reproductive tract (which is a long, coiled tube just above each testicle, where sperm are collected and mature before ejaculation)
  • Prolonged absences from ejaculation
  • Injuries to the spinal cord Drug usage on the street
  • Varicocele (abnormally dilated veins in the scrotum)

Necrozoospermia vs Asthenozoospermia

Necrozoospermia is not confused with asthenozoospermia, which defines defective sperm motility (how sperm move). The sperm do not move in this situation, yet they are not dead. Absolute asthenozoospermia occurs when all of the sperm in a sample cannot migrate, a disorder that affects one in every 5,000 males.

Both asthenozoospermia and Necrozoospermia may cause male infertility. Typically, there are no visible signs. A sperm analysis is the only approach to identify the issue. Even with testing, 50% of male infertility reasons remain unknown.

Absolute asthenozoospermia and Necrozoospermia have distinct therapeutic choices. In vitro fertilization (IVF) with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a promising therapy for asthenozoospermia. IVF using ICSI involves injecting a single sperm into an egg. 4 Because you can’t implant a dead sperm into an egg when you have Necrozoospermia, IVF with ICSI can’t be done with fresh ejaculate.

False Diagnosis

When a lab diagnoses Necrozoospermia in a sperm sample, it is almost always an error. A mistaken diagnosis may arise if any of the following conditions exist:

You utilised a lubricant that was not fertility-friendly. When masturbating for sperm analysis, you must use no lubrication or just a fertility-friendly alternative. Regular oils have the potential to destroy sperm. Always with your doctor about the safest lubricant to use for the test.

The sperm collection container was filthy. The sperm sample should be obtained in a clean, dry cup. If the cup was polluted, whatever was in it might have killed the sperm.

You attempted to capture the sperm using a standard condom. Some guys have a tough time obtaining a sperm sample via masturbation. It may be simpler for them to get the model during sexual intercourse.

To collect sperm within a condom, you must use a condom explicitly designed for medical collection. Even though the condom is not labeled as containing spermicide, the latex substance might destroy the sperm.

If you have Necrozoospermia, your doctor will repeat the test and send your following sperm sample to a specialized lab. If you retake the exam, you may be required to supply two pieces in one day.

This is because the sperm in the next ejaculation will be fresher since it will not have spent as much time waiting to be ejaculated.

What is Dead Sperm

This disease occurs when there are fewer mature normal sperms and more dead sperms in the sperm. When there is a drop in normal sperm, the odds of spontaneous pregnancy diminish (i.e. difficulty in conceiving, i.e. wife does not become pregnant). One of the most prevalent causes of male factor infertility. This is also one of the most pervasive male sperm abnormalities.

Dead Sperm Treatment

When the cause of Necrozoospermia is identified, the first step is to cure it. Antibiotics, for example, maybe administered if there is an infection. If Necrozoospermia is caused by drug misuse, drug addiction therapy is advised.

Testicular/epididymal sperm extraction with ICSI is the most effective therapy for Necrozoospermia (TESE-ICSI). A local anesthetic is utilized to numb the testis during this surgery. A needle is then inserted, and a sample of testicular tissue is biopsied (or extracted). 

Even though there are no live sperm cells in the ejaculate, live, immature sperm cells are regularly seen in the testicles.

In the fertility clinic lab, these immature sperm cells are cultivated. Sperm cannot enter and fertilise an egg on its own. As a result, IVF with ICSI is essential. An immature sperm cell is directly inserted into an egg.

Other Treatment Options

Repeated ejaculation throughout the week of therapy is a less frequent but feasible treatment for Necrozoospermia. Electroejaculation may be used for persons who have had spinal cord damage. (Electroejaculation uses electrical shocks to cause ejaculation and collect sperm.)

A Word From Verywell 

Infertility is a complex problem that affects 10% to 15% of couples. When fertility treatments fail, employing a sperm donor or contemplating other family alternatives (such as fostering or adoption) may be the best next step.

Even though infertility is challenging and distressing, there are always possibilities for becoming a parent. Speak with your fertility doctor about if it’s time to try something else.