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Dr. Omar Chughtai

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Doctor Omar Chughtai (born January 1979) is an Alternative Medicine Consultant, Health Scholar, Health mentor, Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, and online health influencer from Chichawatni, Pakistan. He is working as a Consultant DoctorOwner, and CEO at LifeLine Family Clinic.

Doctor Omer Chughtai


He has a holistic, curative approach to acute and chronic diseases. He started his professional career as an alternative medical practitioner in 1998.

He established LifeLine Family Clinic (walk-in clinic) based on Alternative & Holistic Health Care Services in January 2000 and online health care services in 2018.

Doctor Omar Chughtai is the founder and senior consultant doctor/house in-charge at LifeLine Family Clinic.

He has been serving thousands of people since the year 1998. It’s been more than two decades that he, as an alternative medicine practitioner saving his patients from intimidating and expensive surgeries. He is offering people to get online consultationsonline prescriptions, and online treatment. Moreover, you can avail of LifeLine Family Clinic’s walk-in clinical services to get assistance from Doctor Omar Chughtai, who’s Pakistan’s best alternative medicine expert. 

  • He is in the Alternative Medicine field since 1998.
  • The House in-charge officer at LifeLine Family Clinic since 2000.
  • Won Gold Medal from Avicenna Homeopathic Medical College in the year 2000.
  • He had done the degree of Bachelors of Homeopathic Medical Sciences from (Peshawar University) in 2020.
  • Doctor of Homeopathic medicine and System (National Council for Homeopathy Pakistan) in 2000.
  • Registered Homeopathic Medical Practitioner (health Department Punjab) in 2001.
  • Tabib (Grade I) Unani Medicine and System (National Council For Tibb Pakistan) in 2010.
  • Registered Tabib and Jarrah (Health Department Punjab) in 2011.
  • Registered as Tabib Grade-I (Healthcare Commission Pakistan) in 2017
  • Has a diploma of Punjab Medical Faculty – Category C (Health Department Punjab) in 2000.
  • Has a certification of Pharmacy Assistant – Category B (Punjab Pharmacy Council) in 2017.
  • He is Hafiz-e-Quran, Qari Quran, Spiritualist, and Holistic Physician.
  • There is a particular interest in Male and Female genital issues, family health issues, weight loss, sports & fitness, skin diseases, beauty care matters, health blogging, and general blogging.
  • First and top Online line alternative health care services provider in Pakistan.
  • He is a leading health mentor in the alternative medicine field in Pakistan.

 Aim and Goal 

Doctor Omar Chughtai aims to establish an online health care center for people worldwide. He started a megaproject(LifeLine Family Clinic). That is why he builds a team of associates and coworkers as a team nowadays. We are proud to assert that “The medical system is on the mend” as Doctor Omar Chughtai puts die-hard efforts to bring positive changes.

He considers that his first and foremost duty is to carter his patients to maintain a balanced life. Therefore, he is determined to assist and aid his patients in getting their lives back on track. For this purpose, health care isn’t solely what he has taken into account. He has been focusing on guiding people about how to deal with specific difficulties.

To achieve his goal and fulfill his aim, Doctor Omar Chughtai has provided Online ConsultationOnline Prescription, and Online Treatment services. People worldwide can avail themselves of the opportunity of Online Consultation (Free/Paid) and Online Prescription (Paid). On the other hand, people from all over Pakistan can get online alternative (natural) medicinal treatments to cure their health issues.

Verily, LifeLine Family Clinic is Pakistan’s First Online Registered Health Care Center, and all credit goes to the die-hard efforts of Doctor Omar Chughtai. 

We seek your prayers and support for Doctor Omar Chughtai to be successful in setting up Pakistan’s best online health and care center! 

A Little Bit More About Doctor Omar Chughtai

Doctor Omar Chughtai, the founder and senior doctor of LifeLine Family Clinic, has been offering his family health care services for more than two decades. Doctor Omar Chughtai made alternative & complementary treatment popular among all classes of the community. 

Doctor Omar Chughtai says that alternative & complementary medicines provide authentic results as compared to allopathic medicine systems. As he is practicing for so many years, Doctor Omar Chughtai has specialized research in chronic diseases. That is why he is a well-known and well-practiced chronic disease specialist. He has also called specializations in spinal disorders, stomach and & liver disorders, Male & female reproductive disorders, anal disorders, and pain-related disorders in different parts of the body. Precisely, he is a multi-specialist who can treat whole-body health issues. 

Blog and Vlog – By Doctor Omar Chughtai

Doctor Omar Chughtai is determined to spread awareness about every perspective of life. Including health, personal life, and social issues, Therefore, He Has established a written and video blog to provide you with every required and essential information to help you cope with your life problems. In short, you can get information about any of your physical health issues, general/chronic diseases, psychological issues, personal/family issues as well as social issues from our written or video blog.

One of his aims is to equip you with life hacks to become capable of living your life without worry or distress. His purpose is to spread awareness about every issue you may face in your routine life. Therefore, he has designated his blog and video pages to provide you with every required and necessary information that you need to overcome your health issues and day-to-day life issues. The more you are aware of certain life-changing tricks and hacks, the more you’ll be able to achieve success in your life! 

Precisely, our weblog has been designated to provide people with the most accessible means to get guidance and treatments to cure their health issues. Moreover, this weblog aims to teach people how to deal with specific life problems such as personal or social issues.

Doctor Omar Chughtai caters to people worldwide with health, social, personal, and psychological issues. Therefore, this platform has been designated to provide you with awareness tips and tricks, and hacks to maintain a balanced, contented, and healthy lifestyle.

He is keen on making you aware of the particular factors that can disturb your life by causing physical health issues, marriage/family issues, or even mental health issues. Even if you are the one who’s terrible at maintaining social interactions, or there some other hazards costing your peace of mind, then we are here to help you out of all this. 

Here, you will find every possible solution to overcome your problems. Our team of experts will provide you with video lectures to make you aware of how to deal with these particular issues of your life.

The plus point is that you can freely ask us for a solution to overcome any of your problems. Whether it is about your health, personal life, or even social issues, we are here to guide you and help you solve your problems.

  • Born: 31st January 1979
  • Residence: Chichawatni-Pakistan
  • Virtual Assistance: Available
  • Address: Life Line Family Clinic-Building #9 - Boys College Road Chichawatni-Pakistan

Welcome To The World Of Reconfigured Health

 LifeLine Family Clinic: A Mega Project By Doctor Omar Chughtai

LifeLine Family Clinic was established in March 2000. The founder of LifeLine Family Clinic is Doctor Omar Chughtai. Indeed, the LifeLine Family Clinic is infamous for providing natural medicinal treatments to cure all acute and chronic health issues. Our aim isn’t solely to take care of people’s health but also to provide them with awareness about certain life issues. Come to us, and we will take away your worries forever! 

We are proud to declare that LifeLine Family Clinic is the First-Ever Health Care Center that is providing alternative medical ONLINE SERVICES. So, it means that we are offering you to consult us, get online prescriptions as well as take advantage of our natural medicinal treatments without physically visiting our clinic. People from all over the world can utilize the opportunity of online consultation and online prescription. At the same time, online treatment services are also available (only in Pakistan). Since when he (Doctor Omar Chughtai) has established the LifeLine Family Clinic, he has been serving people, until now. it’s been more than two decades that Doctor Omar Chughtai is assisting us to carter public health issues.

Best About Us

The best about LifeLine Family Clinic is that people can get online consultations free of cost. A team of our allied doctors (online health experts) is available to assist the patients and guide them about health issues. So, no need to rush anywhere as now, you can contact our online doctors. 

When you can contact a doctor while sitting at your home, then why go anywhere else?

We Are Providing 5 Main Services That Can Be Enlisted As:

  • Free Online Consultation
  • Paid Online Consultation
  • Online Prescription
  • Online Treatment
  • Walk-in Clinic

To avail of any of these online services, all that our patients are required to do is only to contact us. 

 As our prime goal is to render you with every possible solution to overcome your health issues so, we are here to assist you and aid you. Now, people from all over the world can connect with our health experts to get online services. Regarding and assuming the worth of these health services, it can be fairly said that LifeLine Family Clinic is a megaproject launched by Doctor Omar Chughtai.

LifeLine Family Clinic Is A Mega Project 

In this mega project, we provide different health care services with alternative medical therapy. Here are the complete details about it. We are providing free online consultation with our team of allied doctors, paid online Consultation with Doctor Omar Chughtaimedical treatments delivered to your doorstep, medical prescriptions provided online, health blogs, and video lectures for the worldwide community of patients regarding whole body systems, their diseases, and treatments. Except for this, here is a golden opportunity to consult physically with the best alternative medical consultant (Doctor Omar Chughtai) to get the best treatment for your health issues.

 Here Are Details Of All Of Our Health Services

 1-Free Online Consultation 

Now, people from all over the world can connect with the health experts of LifeLine Family Clinic to get a free online consultation

Yes, we are providing a golden opportunity for people from all over the world to connect with us and consult our health experts, free of cost. You can get guidance and assistance from our health experts just by making contact with us. 

Contact us and get a free consultation to know all about your health issues. Now, you have no need to rush anywhere as you can get assistance from our health experts via text messaging, audio, or video calling. 

 2-Paid Online Consultation

Our prior goal is to provide people with the golden opportunity of Online Consultation that enables them to consult (ask for the best treatment advice) our online health experts.

Paid Online Consultation allows you to consult Doctor Omar Chughtai by buying any of our paid consultation plans. For the record, the price of each consultation plan varies with respect to the time of Consultation with Doctor Omar Chughtai. The details of our consultation plans can be asked by contacting us.

As you know, Online Consultation allows you to consult our doctors while sitting at your home via calling or messaging and other connecting sources described under the title of Contact Us; likewise, Paid Online Consultation is a golden opportunity availing which you can consult Doctor Omar Chughtai by buying reasonable consultation plans. 

You can avail of the opportunity of Paid Online Consultation by buying any of the following Consultation Plans. The price of each consultation plan varies with respect to the time of Consultation with Dr. Omar Chughtai. Our senior health expert, Doctor Omar Chughtai, will be available to attend to you and will provide you with every possible solution (advice without a prescription) for your health issues. You will be free to ask anything Doctor Omar Chughtai throughout the whole time period of the consultation plan. 

Here Is the Whole Procedure Of Paid Online Consultation

To connect with our online doctors, all you are required to do is to make us a call or send us an SMS. You can connect with us via our social sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp. 

We have already stated in the above section that people from all over the world can consult our online doctors free of cost. Moreover, our doctors will describe to you the nature of your health issue(s) and also help you to know what kind of health issues you are suffering from. All you are required to do to get free online consultation is to make us a call or simply text us on any of the numbers given, and they will book your appointment with Doctor Omar Chughtai.

Doctor Omar Chughtai will give you a proper time and will provide you with every possible measure to get rid of your health issues. 

 3-Online Medical Prescription 

LifeLine Family Clinic is providing you another online health and care service that enables people from all over the world to get a medical prescription while sitting right at their homes. 

Yes, now, by using our online prescription service, you can connect with our health experts to get a medical prescription for any of your health issues. To get Online Prescription, all you are required to do is to make us a call or simply send us an SMS. It would be better if you get an appointment first. 

In simple words, as per the procedure, you are required to buy any of our prescription plans. Our prescription plans have been designed to connect with our health experts with respect to various time limits. Take advantage of our online health and care services, and let us take care of your health! For further details of our prescription plans, the only thing required is to make contact with us.

What Will You Get in Prescription?

After getting any of our prescription plans, you will be able to connect with our health experts. Just one call or SMS, and our health experts will be there to render you with a proper medical prescription to cure your health issues. Believe in us as we here to assist you and aid you.

 Our online doctors will query your health issues and then prescribe alternative medicines accordingly. You will then can be able to buy the prescribed medicines from any of the nearby alternative chemist shops. Verily, our online doctors will neither prescribe expensive medicines nor trigger you to rely upon harmful drugs.

On the other hand, if you want to get the prescribed medicines from our health and care center, then you can avail yourself of our service “Online Treatment.” Get alternative (natural/homeopathic) medicinal treatment to cure any of your health issues.

4-On Line Treatment At Your Door Step

We are honored to provide you with the best health and care services. You are welcome to avail our Online Treatment Services that are equipped with the world’s best and permanent disease cures. If you are the one who’s suffering from any mild or chronic health issue and looking for a permanent solution to overcome them, then you are in the right place!

LifeLine Family Clinic aims to carter your health with the best natural remedies. We have prepared a number of health treatments using herbs that are indeed natural and harmless to health.

We are determined to cure all of your health issues. Therefore, we are offering you the golden opportunity of “Online Treatments,” utilizing which you can take advantage of our herbal health treatments.

Our main goal is to provide patients with the golden opportunity of Online Treatment. This service allows people from all over Pakistan to get alternative (natural) medicinal treatments without even coming to our clinic. Since 2000, the senior doctor of LifeLine Family Clinic (Doctor Omar Chughtai) has been serving his patients from Chichawatni with the best and permanent alternative medicinal treatments. Now, anyone from all over Pakistan can get online treatments to cure any of their mild or chronic diseases.

How Do We Prepare These Treatments?

These treatments have been prepared from the essential herbal extracts. Indeed, none of our health treatment contains any allopathic or other harmful substances. These are homeopathic and alternative medicine treatments. All of our health treatments are purely made up of potent essential and required natural substances that are based on either Greek, Chinese, Latin, or Ayurvedic medicinal methodologies. 

“Online Treatment” At your Doorstep (First Time In Pakistan)

Yes, for the very first time in Pakistan, we are offering you to get Online Treatment. All you are required to do is to contact us. Now, you have no need to rush to our clinic and physically available for examination and check-up for the treatment of your health issues. Just make us a call or send us an SMS, we will provide you with the best and permanent health treatments that hold the strength to cure all of your health problems. 

There is a diverse range of health treatments that include the cures of almost all diseases. Whether it is about skin health, bone/muscle health, teeth health, sexual health issues, or any general health diseases, we are here to aid you with the world’s best health treatments. 

Who Can Take Facility? (On-Line Treatment)

We are providing online treatment services for the Pakistani community only. The world’s top alternative and complementary medicine consultant makes his expertise available to the community of Pakistani patients. Anybody from Pakistan can take this facility. Already patients from almost all areas of Pakistan are under our intense care. 

Patients from other countries can get consultancy services for their treatment. The details of the consultancy service are described above.

5-Walk-in Clinic In Chichawatni

We are honored to render you the best health care services. Moreover, along with online health care services, we are providing a Walk-In Clinic service. Now, people from all over Pakistan can visit LifeLine Family Clinic to get the best health and care services. Verily, our Walk-in Clinic service offers you to connect with our alternative medicine health expert, Doctor Omar Chughtai, to get Pediatric and Adult Health Care Services.

So, all you are required to do is to come and visit our health care clinic so that we can assist you and aid you. Indeed, our first and foremost duty is to carter to your life with the easiest means to get health care services. Therefore, we are providing you with the golden opportunities of Walk-in as well as online health care services. Golden Opportunity for the people of Chichawatni!

 Pakistan’s best health care center is providing the walk-in clinic service in Chichawatni. Grab this opportunity and get alternative and homeopathic medicines at affordable prices. 

Now, you can walk-in to our clinic anytime to get assistance from our health experts. Verily, our health consultant, Doctor Omar Chughtai, is there to attend you and serve you. Doctor Omar Chughtai is the founder and senior doctor of LifeLine Family Clinic. Indeed, he has been serving us since 2000. Moreover, he is the best alternative medicine expert and chronic disease specialist in Pakistan. So, it means that now, you can walk-in to our clinic to get his assistance and aid for any of your chronic health issues.

 Our Walk-in Clinic Services Offers

  • Immediate Health Care Services
  • Alternative Medicinal Treatments for All Chronic Diseases
  • Pediatric and Adult Health Care Services

Chronic Health Issues That We Cure

  • Sexual Dysfunction (Male/Female)
  • Skin Health Issues
  • Overweight
  • Weight Gain
  • Gastrointestinal infections
  • Children diseases
  • Lung diseases
  • Liver diseases
  • Fevers
  • Eye diseases
  • Nail diseases
  • Ear diseases
  • Sore throat
  • Backbone pain
  • Heart health issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Urinary bladder diseases
  • Gallbladder/spleen diseases
  • Gums/Teeth problems
  • Hair growth issues
  • Brain disorders
  • Bone problems
  • Common Diseases etc.

What do We Believe?

We believe in treating the Patient himself but not just his symptoms. Moreover, we treat the patient as a whole but not just his disease. That is why we claim that we cure the patient permanently. 

Gentle And Permanent Cure

     Our focused target is to cure but not just care. We treat the Patient gently and permanently without suppressing the symptoms. We are delivering our best to recover the patients from these troubling diseases—online consultation.

How Does Online Consultation Method Work?

First of all, Patients purchase a plan according to their needs. Afterward, they talk with Doctor Omar Chughtai. They can talk only according to their purchased plan, after that detailed consultation. We will provide a diagnostic list of medicines. They contain the names of complementary & alternative medicines, with all instructions for one month. Likewise, patients can buy these medicines from their local area stores. They can use them according to the advice. We also provide precautions. And also, a diet plan for the specified health condition of the Patient. Besides this, patients can also avail themselves of free online doctor chat. Available online doctors free here to chat with.

Make An Online Appointment

We are happy to make an appointment for you with one of the world’s top alternative & complementary medicine consultants. No doubt he is Doctor Omar Chughati. Please discuss in detail all your unwanted health conditions. Your online doctor has a solution for it.

We give you a special protocol.

After careful study of your case, signs and symptoms, and all medical reports you provide us. We will recommend alternative & complementary medicines. Please cooperate with us for the right selection.

What do We need From the Patient?

We need the support of the Patient also. That is to live in a healthy environment, which is necessary to nurture our workforce. So can we deliver our best? We Strive to render our best in every situation. We again request you to keep this in mind. The more information you give us, the better we can help you.

Keep In Touch With Us

Keep us in touch about the changing of symptoms so that we can change your medicine plan according to the situation. Online consultation doctor free. This process will continue till you are fully healed. Every Patient should always remain in touch with us through our free online doctor chat service. 

Do You Want Best Services?

We give solid efforts and the best services for your greater health. As a patient, if you want this from us. Then please focus on the given below point. Much as we like to help. It is just not possible to provide responsible and reliable advice. And treatment by phone or e-mail. Without a complete and detailed consultation. So please don’t hesitate. And build your confidence to tell us all of your troubles in detail. Available online doctors free here to chat with.

Focus On, To Provide More Information

We again request you to keep in mind that the more information you give us, the better we can help you.

Expiry Of First Consultation Period & Fee

After one month, patients should contact us again. A patient has to pay a consultation fee on monthly basis upfront.

Whom We Treat?

We treat patients, especially for chronic diseases. And complicated disease conditions also. We do not treat acute conditions. And the diseases need critical care. Furthermore, we do not treat surgical conditions. The reason is that we may be far away from you. And critical conditions need physical contribution.

Which Diseases do we Treat?

We treat patients, especially for chronic and obstinate disease conditions. Chronic diseases are those that stay for a long time. Most of the time, it is considered that these diseases are difficult to treat. But don’t worry when you are with us. We will treat all your issues while you are at your own place.

Which Diseases We Do Not Treat

We do not treat acute conditions or diseases that need critical care and surgical conditions also. Because we are serving the people from a distance, we can’t serve them physically. So we don’t treat such kinds of conditions.

We Do Our Best

Our patients from all over the world are satisfied with our services. Moreover, it is our mission to make our services easily accessible for patients. Everybody can take alternative & complementary treatment, together with detailed consultancy and guidance for better health.

Our Mission 

It is our constant endeavor to provide state-of-the-art service. We provide these services to our patients from all over the world. As well as try our best make it easily accessible for them. To get their alternative & complementary treatment. Likewise, we provide detailed consultancy and guidance for better health. Available online doctors free here to chat with.

Our Growth

Our unique way of working has enabled us to grow successfully over the past decades.

What do We Believe?

We believe in treating the Patient himself. But not just his symptoms. Likewise, we treat the patient as a whole. But not just his disease. That is why we claim that. We cure the Patient permanently. Our focused target is to cure but not just care. We treat the Patient gently and permanently without suppressing the symptoms. We deliver our best to recover the patients from troubling diseases.

Support & Aid Disclaimer

 On the whole, we are providing all services from the core of our heart. Furthermore, our work is totally based on self-support. Likewise, we do not accept any cooperation from foreign societies and charity trusts.


We are always ready to serve in the best possible manner continuously.

We Give Extra-We Deliver More 

We will also provide a list of precautions and diet plans according to the health condition of the Patient. Make contact with us to know full details of how you can speak to your online doctor. And we will tell you that what you need to do for your better health?

We Diagnose First (Guaranty Of Efficacy -100%)

We prepare and send you the medicine exactly according to your determined health condition. So that is why it brings 100% results. It is worth mentioning here that we do not send you the medicines. Those are made without any consultation. We send you the treatment on the basis of your health symptoms and the nature of your disease. We prepare your package of complementary medicines according to the advised prescription. Doctor Omar Chughtai makes it possible under his keen supervision. These medicines are prepared by hand in our own clinical laboratory. That is why we give a 100% guarantee of the efficacy and quality of our treatment.

Whom We Treat?

We treat patients, especially for chronic and complicated disease conditions. We do not treat emergency conditions, or the diseases need critical care and surgical conditions also. It is our constant endeavor to provide state-of-the-art service to our patients. As well as make it easily accessible for them to get their treatment. Anybody can get detailed consultancy and equally important guidance for better health. Important to know how you can talk to your online doctor. 

Our Mission Is To Provide Health Education

The most important service we provide you is Health Education. One thing to note here is that in our society, there is a lack of information about health and its associated problems. People are not well aware of their health matters. They do not even know which doctor to contact for better treatment. It is our mission to tell you the solution to the above-mentioned problems as well as the other problems that a common man faces regarding health.

Health and wellness are one of the most important topics of our lives. There is no one who has never been sick. And there is nobody who can say that he does not need any kind of help regarding health. It is certain that no one can know all the fields of human life. Doctor Omar Chughtai has taken responsibility for fulfilling this need. He is providing knowledge to the people of their various diseases. This knowledge is authentic at the international level. In fact, It is our ultimate mission to spread health education.

Our Uniqueness 

Feel free to use this precious knowledge to improve your health. In his educational blog, he not only wrote about the various diseases. But also told us their treatment and the precautions. He also taught us that how to treat these diseases at home. No doubt he is a great health mentor.

Our Topics, Related Health Care

We provide you with updated health information. As well as the latest health news, home remedies, and health tips also. Here are some topics to explain that what we are going to discuss in our blog. Likewise, we are discussing here health news, health recipes, best quotes of health mentors. And health quotes of Islamic scholars.

Moreover, beauty and its related topics, and biography of great health mentors. And medicinal herbs will also be discussed here. In the same way, we will discuss different diseases and their treatment, such as heart diseases and their related topics, children’s diseases, skin diseases, ear, nose, and throat diseases, and eye diseases.

Some More Topics 

We shall put light on female and male reproductive diseases. Gallbladder. Spleen and liver diseases. Gastrointestinal and other general diseases will also be discussed. Special and golden diets are also explained by us.

Except that we shall study here some psychiatric and nervous diseases. Diseases related to fatness and weakness. Bones and joints diseases. Mouth and teeth diseases. Hair and nail diseases. And last but not least HADEES- NABVI & QURANIC quotes about health. Clinical tips for medical practitioners are also discussed here.

We Use Natural Sources

We provide the treatment purely based on natural sources. Our treatment doesn’t contain any kind of harmful ingredients—likewise chemicals, allopathic medicines, steroids, and so on. We use safe homeopathic & herbal medicines. These medicines have no side effects. Online consultation doctor free. We save the patients from unnecessary surgery. We use medicines made from natural sources. Those are from animals, vegetables, or Minerals. We do our practice according to the homeopathic and herbal pharmacopeias.

Get Appointment

 Indeed, the goal of the LifeLine Family Clinic is to equip the medical system with the easiest means of contacting a doctor. So, here we are, rendering you the online health and care services. Now, you can connect with our online doctors (health experts) just via one call or SMS or Online sources, Moreover, you can connect with us via our social sites.

Honor us with a chance to assist you and aid you as we are here to serve you!

To get our online health and care services (Consultation, prescription, and treatment), you are required to get an appointment. Anyhow, it is not mandatory to get an appointment to talk to our health experts. You can make us a call and have a conversation with our health experts to get guidance and assistance regarding your health issues.

In case, you want to connect with Dr. Omar Chughtai or have a detailed conversation regarding your health issues, including treatments, then you are required to get an appointment.

Procedure Of Getting Appointment

Follow the simple steps to get an appointment:

Firstly, Call or send an SMS or contact us on our online sources.

Secondly, share your issues with our health assistants

Thirdly, Choose your desired health plan (Any of the Online Consultation or Online Prescription Plans)

An appointment will be given to you based on your chosen online consultation or online prescription plans.

Take advantage of this golden opportunity and get assistance from Dr. Omar Chughtai to cure your health issues.

Get in Touch
  • Address: Life Line Family Clinic - Boys College Road Chichawatni - Pakistan.
  • Email: doctoromarchughtai@gmail.com
  • Phone: +92-40-5485647
  • Virtual Assistance: Available



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