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I Can’t Gain Weight No Matter How Much I Eat?

Even if you don’t know someone who can eat anything they want without gaining weight, you’ve probably heard of someone who does.

This capacity is a blessing for those who live in an image-obsessed culture. However, it can feel like a bane for those who are underweight.

According to traditional knowledge, it might be annoying and puzzling if you’re trying to gain weight and can’t seem to gain any weight no matter how many calories you eat.

Let’s start with the basics: What is it called when you eat a lot but don’t gain weight, and what can a person do to fix it?

Why Don’t You Gain Weight When You Eat a Lot?

Thermodynamics can be defied if your body burns through a lot of calories, yet you don’t lose weight.

“What’s it called?” is a question that may be answered in various ways, as there are a few typical causes of this phenomenon. It’s common for people who consume a lot of food not to gain weight.

A Fast Metabolism

The term “basal metabolic rate,” or BMR, may be new to you, even if you’ve heard the word “metabolism.”

As the name implies, this measures how many calories your body must expend for energy when it is at rest.

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Depending on heredity, nutrition, and degree of activity, this rate can vary significantly from person to person; if you consume large amounts of food but don’t gain weight, it may be because your BMR is high, which means you burn calories at a higher pace than most people.


Being unable to gain weight might sometimes suggest that a person cannot absorb the calories and nutrients they ingest, a condition called malabsorption.

Cystic fibrosis and celiac disease sufferers are more likely to suffer from this problem; if you see food particles in your stool or an oily material after bowel movements, consult your doctor to check whether this issue is to blame.

Frequent Exercise

Exercise is one of the more evident reasons for weight gain difficulties. You may be burning more calories than you think if you exercise regularly, especially if you do a lot of cardio.

It is more difficult to sustain a calorie surplus and gain weight when you do not exercise consistently, even if you are not working out.

I Can’t Gain Weight No Matter How Much I Eat?

“Eating a lot” may appear as though that’s all you need to gain weight, but it’s just as important what you eat as how much of it you consume.

A large salad or veggie plate of veggies isn’t filled you up as much as eating a fatty sandwich and fries, even though it appears like more food. Calorie consumption is what matters.

If you want to gain weight, include high-calorie items like whole-fat dairy, cheese, and meat in your diet.

Tips for Healthy Weight Gain

There are a few things to remember when trying to gain weight healthily. To begin, remember that even if you’re already underweight, it’s not always a good idea to put on weight.

Because they are high in calories, junk food and sweets can help you gain weight, but the fat you acquire is dangerous visceral fat, which might worsen your health.

Consume lots of protein in your diet to maintain a healthy balance between fat and muscle mass.

If you want to gain weight, your goal should be to gain one pound every week, equating to around 500 more calories daily.

In addition, you should aim to consume one gram of protein per pound of body weight every day to aid in the growth and development of new muscle.

It’s possible to increase your caloric intake without considerably increasing the amount of food you consume if you have difficulty swallowing vast volumes of food.

Cooking with fats like olive oil or coconut oil, as well as sauces, gravies, dressings, and other toppings can quickly increase the caloric content of a meal without increasing its bulk.

If you’re trying to gain weight, consider a homemade protein shake in between meals or just after a meal to help you feel fuller longer.

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