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What Medical Conditions Can Stop You From Losing Weight?

Diet, exercise, sleep, and supplements are all part of a healthy weight-loss regimen. Your weight hasn’t changed, despite this. Weight loss is difficult for people with specific medical issues.

It’s not uncommon for stress or prescription drugs to be the root cause of this. Alternatively, you may be eating items that contain hidden sugars.

Medical problems that impact several systems in the body might cause stubborn weight to stick around, although this isn’t always the case.

Internal processes can have a wide-ranging effect on other physiological systems, including your capacity to lose weight, if they aren’t working correctly.

Consult your doctor if you suspect you have any of these diseases to get back on track with your weight reduction.

What Can Medical Conditions Stop You From Losing Weight?

1. Inflammation and cellular damage

The immune system relies on inflammation to prevent infections and repair wounds.

It’s important to remember that chronic inflammation can be brought on in part by lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking alcohol or consuming sugar, wheat, or dairy, or exposure to toxins in the environment or food.

Cellular damage caused by chronic inflammation compromises the body’s ability to operate normally.

To lose weight, both inflammation and cellular damage must be treated.

2. Hypothyroidism

The thyroid gland secretes multiple hormones, and these hormones influence a wide range of bodily functions. Thyrotoxicosis is a condition in which the thyroid is either hyperactive or underactive in many persons (hypothyroidism).

It’s possible that an underactive thyroid isn’t creating enough thyroid hormone to keep your cells healthy and operating properly throughout your body. The slower your thyroid is, the slower your metabolism will be.

Those suffering from hypothyroidism may find it extremely difficult to shed pounds. Depressive symptoms, muscular discomfort, and severe PMS are possible side effects for women going through menopause.

3. Chronic stress and depression

Cortisol, a hormone released when we are under stress, has a wide range of effects on the body.

Stress, worry, and grief can lead to chronically high levels of cortisol, which can cause health problems such as a suppressed immune system, higher blood pressure, and increased belly fat.

Emotional eating can contribute to weight gain due to chronic stress and despair.

4. Cushing’s syndrome

Cushing’s Syndrome, which is marked by weight gain, especially in the face and upper body, as well as acne, lethargy, high blood pressure, sleep issues, and irregular periods, can also be caused by prolonged exposure to high amounts of cortisol in the body.

Women are more likely than males to suffer from Cushing’s Syndrome, which is especially true of women between the ages of 25 and 40.

5. Syndrome X

Syndrome X is a term used to describe a range of health issues that appear to be linked to insulin resistance, and weight gain is frequently an unavoidable side effect. Insulin resistance has a cascading impact on the body’s other hormones, particularly those that regulate metabolism.

6. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

An imbalance in hormones causes PCOS. Menstrual irregularities, facial hair, hair thinning, difficulties becoming pregnant, and weight gain may all be signs of PCOS.

PCOS can’t be cured, but it can be controlled with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a healthy weight. Infertility, heart problems, and uterine cancer can all be prevented by managing PCOS.

7. Hormonal changes

Hormones throughout a woman’s life only have one thing in common: they constantly shift. Puberty, pregnancy, and menopause are three of the most well-known stages of hormonal change in the body. Weight loss may be more difficult if you’re going through menopause and suffering symptoms.

A doctor overseeing your fitness and weight-loss program is critical if you deal with any of these conditions.

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