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Does your eye color change with age?

We used to see every beautiful creation of God through our eyes but have you ever thought about your eyes before? Does your eye color change with age? You asked.

Many people have pondered whether their eyes had the ability to change colour.

Everyone has at some time or another fantasised about having a new set of eyes in order to see how they’d seem in comparison. As if that weren’t enough, eyeballs may change colour! How is this possible? For the time being, let us stick to the fundamentals.

To begin, the iris is a muscle inside the eye that contributes to the colour of the pupil. The iris may stretch or shrink in response to light in order to adjust the pupil’s size.

Pupil size decreases when the eye is exposed to direct sunlight, but it increases when the lights are dimmed. The iris’ pigments compress or spread out when the pupil dilates, causing a minor shift in the appearance of the eye’s colour.

However, the colour of your eyes might change for other reasons as well. Other variables may affect the colour of your eyes, such as genetics.

Does your eye color change with age?

The eyes of newborns are normally a paler shade of blue or grey, although this tends to change during time.

That’s because genes and the amount of melanin in our bodies control eye colour.

The amount of melanin in the area around your pupil becomes darker as you age due to an increase in melanin production. However, the pigment in the iris of 10-15% of Caucasian eyes fades or changes hue with age.

Some other factors 

1. Exposure to the sun

A prolonged period of time in the sun might cause your eyes to darken due to the activation of melanin synthesis.

2. Emotions

It is possible to alter the size of your pupil and the colour of your iris depending on how you feel. A hormone in your body causes your pupil to dilate when you are pleased, angry, or sad.

The colour of your eyes changes whether you’re pleased or furious, and when you weep, they become crimson, making them seem even more lively.

3. Clothing and makeup

Make your eyes seem brighter and more colourful by wearing darker clothing, as well as putting some colour on your eyelids or using white eyeliner.

It’s all in your head, so don’t worry if your eyes bulge a little more than normal.