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What Causes Shooting Blanks?

Do you want to know what causes shooting blanks? or low or zero sperm count. Well, this is what this article is all about. In this article we will take an in-depth look at it at the shooting blanks and what does it mean. Now if that sounds interesting to you then let us begin. 

Although you’ve definitely heard of the phrase “low sperm count,” some men really suffer from an even more severe type of male infertility known as azoospermia, which means “azoospermia is a lack of sperm.” The guy’s ejaculate actually contains no traces of sperm, which is referred to as a low sperm count.

What Causes Shooting Blanks?

1. LH and FSH deficiency

WHAT Given that both luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones are critical in determining the levels of sperm production, a decrease in either of their levels might have a negative impact on your spouse’s sperm count.

AN EXPERT OPINION Excessive alcohol intake may have a negative impact on his LH and FSH levels, which is a compelling reason to quit drinking. Dr. Omar claims that some medicines, such as anabolic steroids and testosterone supplements, may also impair a man’s pituitary gland’s ability to regulate his hormone levels.

Taking medication for pre-existing illnesses such as Kallman Syndrome, which is defined as the inability to initiate or complete puberty, might also cause his LH and FSH levels to plummet.

Doctor Omar, on the other hand, is certain that “treatment with synthetic LH and FSH may resume the testicular function and sperm-producing activities of the testicles.”

2. Klinefelter syndrome

WHAT Men with Klinefelter Syndrome are born with two or more X chromosomes instead of the conventional X-Y pair. They are referred to as X-X-Y men instead of X-Y guys. Furthermore, despite the fact that it is a genetic condition, Klinefelter Syndrome is not inherited.

Men who suffer from the syndrome may be completely unaware of their condition, which manifests itself in indications such as scant body hair, larger breasts, tiny testicles, and broader hips.

AN EXPERT OPINION According to Doctor Omar, the illness is a sort of testicular failure for which there is now no cure available. 

3. Hypospermatogenesis

WHAT The testicles generate far less sperm than they would normally in this situation. A biopsy will be performed on either one or both testicles in order to obtain tissue for further testing.

AN EXPERT OPINION If he has the condition, assisted reproductive therapy is usually the only option available to him. Doctor Omar informs the patient that a sperm sample will be extracted from the testicles and stored for future reference.

A mature egg is injected with the sperm using an intracytoplasmic sperm injection method, which is an artificial insemination procedure. 

4. Vasectomy

WHAT It is necessary to do this treatment in order to prevent sperm from being expelled when the male ejaculates.

The tube connecting the testicles to the urethra is cut, clamped, or sealed during the process. Despite the fact that it may be reversible, this kind of contraception is believed to be long-term.

AN EXPERT OPINION Additional blockages may build depending on how much time has gone after the vasectomy was performed, which may prevent or complicate the procedure’s reversal.