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Dr. Omar Chughtai

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How to loose weight fast ?

If you want to loose weight safely , then weight should be lost 1 to 2 pounds per week.

what are the  simple steps to reduce weight ? 

1] Reduce your appetite

1] Improve metabolic health

what are the importance of whole grain

Cut of sugars , starches and carbohydrates. Replace it with whole grains .

with this , your hunger level will go  down .  low carbohydrates diet is beneficial for loosing weight in older population .

low carb diet can reduce appetite .

what should be included in our diet ? 

each meal should include protein ,fat, vegetables and a portion of carbohydrates such as whole grains .

protein is recommended  to keep you healthy while loosing weight .

healthy protein sources are : meat, fish and sea food , eggs and plant based proteins such as beans etc…

don’t hesitate to load up you plate with leafy green vegetables , they are full of nutrients .

Vegetables means low carb and low calories eating .


Include fat in your diet . fat is required for your body .  Olive oil is the best choice for fats . Coconut oil also be used  .

why is Exercise important?

Of course exercise is most beneficial to reduce weight . If your work includes sitting in the chair all day long , you need to move your body a bit after every 30 minutes . No matter,  even a few steps are being taken.

you have to make a habit to walk daily . Start your walking routine from 1 to 10 minutes and gradually increase your walk time.

If possible , try going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week.

what are the few tips  for weight loss ?

1)  You have to take high protein breakfast

2) Avoid sweetened drinks and juices

3) you have to drink water before every meal .

4) you have to choose healthy  weightless healthy foods

5) Drink Coffee and green tea . Caffeine can boost metabolism .

6) Eat slowly . you will enjoy your food and it will help to reduce weight . it will boost your weight reducing harmonies

7) sleep  is very important. less sleep is the biggest risk factor for your weight gain .

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