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How to cure an eye infection in just 24 hours?

Wait, what if you have an eye infection and are looking for an immediate solution. So, how to cure an eye infection in just 24 hours. You asked.

If eye infections go untreated for a lengthy period, they may develop into more significant health issues. A condition usually occurs when a virus, bacterium, or fungus infects the eye or surrounding tissues.

How to cure an eye infection in just 24 hours? – Natural home remedies

Salt Water

Natural treatments for eye infections such as saline or saltwater have a long history of success. Using saltwater as a cleaning agent is like using teardrops, which are the eyes’ natural washing methods.

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As a bonus, saltwater’s powerful antibacterial properties may help heal eye infections.

Use a cotton swab dipped in a solution of 1 teaspoon salt and half a liter of cooled, boiling water to clean your eyes, then throw away the swab. Repeat this procedure until the eye discomfort subsides.


Mild infections of the eyes in newborns are not uncommon. Typical eye infection in newborns, Conjunctivitis may be effectively treated with breast milk.

Breast milk has many antibodies that may fight infections and treat conjunctivitis in babies.

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Gently drip one or two droplets of breast milk into a newborn’s eyes using a dropper.

This should be done twice a day to get the optimum benefits.

Essential Oils

Their antibacterial characteristics may be derived from the infection-fighting abilities of essential oils, including peppermint, tea tree, and rosemary oils.

Tea tree or rosemary essential oils may be added to boiling water and inhaled for five minutes while covered in a towel to help treat infections.

Cold Compress

Cold compresses work effectively to reduce inflammation and swelling for eye infections and injuries. Cold compresses may help alleviate the pain associated with several eye conditions. However, it does not provide a cure for all forms of eye infection.

Apply a cold compress to the eyes after rinsing the cloth with cold water.

Avoid putting cold or intense pressure on the eye or eyelid.