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Can hemorrhoids cause gas and bloating?

Can hemorrhoids cause gas and bloating? This is one of the most common questions we ask from piles patients. That is the sole reason we have decided to resolve it once at all. 

People with piles or hemorrhoids have trouble passing gas. To some degree, gas and bloating are natural occurrences. However, if they are experienced in excess, they may signal a more serious reason. Excess gas or bloating may cause significant intestinal or digestive problems.

Can hemorrhoids cause gas and bloating?

When you have piles or hemorrhoids, you may notice changes in your bowel movements. This alteration in bowel habits might result in stomach discomfort, bloating, and gas.

Hemorrhoids are classified into many categories. A prolapsed hemorrhoid may grow very large and block your bowel motions. Internal hemorrhoids may bleed fast and excessively occasionally, resulting in profound blood loss life-threatening.

Some individuals believe that excessive bloating or gas is the cause of piles. It has not been shown that hemorrhoids cause severe bloating or gas. However, if passing gas becomes painful, it might be due to colon cancer, colorectal cancer, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, or just regular digestive difficulties or irritation in the anus or surrounding the anal entrance.

If you have excessive gas or bloating and an unpleasant, painful sensation when passing gas, you should consult a doctor immediately since the signs might indicate colon cancer.

Symptoms caused by Hemorrhoids

  • Hemorrhoids may present with a variety of symptoms. Hemorrhoids symptoms might be moderate at times, but they can be severe in severe instances of the condition. The hemorrhoids may grow irritated and seem engorged with blood over time. In the event of a thrombosed hemorrhoid, hemorrhoid may appear bluish-purple and be very painful and sensitive.
  • Anal pain in and around the anal region. There may be considerable discomfort around the anus due to enlarged and irritated veins surrounding the hemorrhoids.
    Visible redness and swelling around the anus and anal region may result from enlarged veins. This may cause severe discomfort, itching, and redness around the anal entrance.

  • While passing feces, there may be some blood. If the condition goes untreated, it may lead to bleeding during bowel movements. Bowel motions might become excruciatingly uncomfortable as a result of this.
  • I am itching at the vicinity of the anal entrance. This might be related to an infection or vein ballooning. Swelling around the anal hole and within the anus may also result from inflation.
  • The only exposed component of the anus is the anal hole. The anal entrance becomes very sensitive due to the high pressure, inflation, and torn veins. It is even susceptible to being touched or wiped with toilet paper.
  • Suffering from pain during prolapsing