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Bawaseer in English | Reasons, Indications | Preventions

What is the meaning of bawaseer in English? 

Bawaseer in English: Bawaseer is an Urdu word that means piles or hemorrhoids in English. There are inflaming tissues that collect at the anal canal’s end, causing pain, bleeding, and scratching.

Bawaseer meaning in English

The correct English translation of Bawaseer is “piles.” Other terms are similar to Bawaseer. Finding the proper English sense of Bawaseer is essential for correctly understanding the word when translating it from Urdu to English. In English, each word has several meanings; the correct meaning of Bawaseer in English is Piles.

Bawaseer (Piles) is a character in Bawaseer (Piles).

The anal cushions, which are lined with spongy tissue and blood vessels, aid in the closure of the anus. These are perfectly natural, but they can sometimes transform into Bawaseer. Bawaseer is usually tiny, round, discolored lumps. You can see them on your anus or hanging from your anal canal. The small, muscular tube of blood vessels that link your rectum (back passage) and anus is the anal canal.

Bawaseer(Piles) Reasons:

  • Bawaseer shape when the veins in your anal canal swell, which may occur for a variety of reasons, including:
  • If you strain to go to the bathroom, such as constipation or long-term diarrhea, your anal canal weakens as you get older, making piles more possible.
  • Coughing for a long time
  • Having to lift large objects

Some people say that tension causes piles, but there is no research to back this up. However, getting Bawaseer can be stressful.

Another hypothesis is that piles are more common around your period. However, there is no evidence to back this up.

Bawaseer’s Indication:

Bawaseer may not always cause pain or other symptoms, but if they do, they can include the following:

  • When you poo, you might see blood (usually bright red) on the toilet paper, in the toilet, or on the surface of your pool.
  • An increase in the size of a lump in or near your anus
  • A slimy mucus discharge from your anus that could ruin your underwear
  • A sensation of ‘fullness and pain in your anus, or the impression that your bowels haven’t fully drained after you’ve emptied them.
  • The skin around your anus is itchy or sore.
  • After using the restroom, you can experience pain and discomfort.

Bawaseer (piles) prevention:

It will help keep your poo soft and avoid constipation, which will help prevent Bawaseer if you eat a balanced diet and live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Consume a lot of fiber-rich foods.
  • Drink plenty of water, but avoid caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee.
  • Exercise daily.

Where do you see your doctor? ( Bawaseer in English )

Bawaseer meaning in English


Hemorrhoids are usually simple to treat and will disappear on their own. Hemorrhoids can cause complications in sporadic cases. Anemia, or a lack of red blood cells, may be caused by chronic blood loss from hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids’ blood flow can also be cut off, resulting in strangulated hemorrhoids, triggering excruciating pain. Make an appointment to see the doctor if home remedies haven’t worked for more than two weeks. Hemorrhoids can be diagnosed and treated by your primary care physician. They may publish prescriptions for medicated creams, ointments, and suppositories. They can prescribe rubber band litigation or surgery to remove the hemorrhoids if these treatments don’t work. If you want to know what is the meaning of bawaseer in Urdu and what are the precaution for it then don’t worry because we have a separate article on it. You can also check it out.