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Legal Policies


Legal Policies


Whoever visits this website and intrigued to get a consultation, prescription, or treatment should be aware of the fact that we are do not guarantee the 100% effective results of the alternative medicines we are offering.

If by getting our treatments, you’re unable to overcome your health issues then it probably, a sign that your body isn’t responding to them. In such a case, our health experts are not responsible.

All of the information about health and life issues, we are providing is authentic. Anyhow, before using any of our remedies or treatments, it is mandatory that you contact our health experts. So that they can give you a proper prescription as per the severity level of your health issues. 

Verily, our first and foremost duty is to cater to you with the best solutions. So that you can overcome your health and life issues. However, we do not assure you cent percent effective results. Therefore, none can claim for 100% effective results or refund amount. 

2-Privacy Policy

It has been clearly stated that the web domain is the representative website of a health care center entitled LifeLine Family Clinic (that provides alternative medicinal treatments online) as well as a health blog designated to spread awareness about health and life care among people worldwide. Therefore, this privacy policy implies that all of the information that we collect from you remains confidential between you and us. Either you are our patient or a visitor to our health blog, we are determined to keep your information in total secrecy. 

Information that We Collect About Patients 

To be our patient, you are required to provide us with your medical history as well as some of your personal details. Other than your identity, and contact information, we can ask you about your day-to-day activities and personal interests. We collect all of the information about your health and life that is necessary to diagnose your problems properly. 

Our privacy policy assures you that all of your personal, private or health details will remain confidential as we will never use any of your information other than medical purposes. 

Information that We Collect About Visitors

Information that we collect from our site visitors includes username, IP address, operating device name, and location. Our privacy policy indicates that all of the information that we collect from your device even including your browser’s cookies is used to provide you with better services. All we are determined to do is to enhance your visiting experience as well as improve our website’s services. 

Hence, our privacy policy implies that all of the information that we collect from our visitors remains in total secrecy and is used to improve our services. 

3-Refund Policy

We aim to provide people with permanent treatments to cure their health issues. We only rely upon alternative/homeopathic remedies and Greek, Latin, Ayurvedic, or Chinese medicinal methodologies to prepare the natural medicinal treatments. Likewise, we only prescribe natural medicines. Or advise our patients to take every possible precautionary measure to cure their health issues. We never compromise with our patient’s health as we give our 100% to provide our patients with the best health care and treatments. Therefore, none can claim for the refunding. 

Our Refund Policy implies that once you buy any of our consultation, prescription, or treatment packages, there is no way back to get the charges refunded.

If you have paid to get an online consultation or a prescription, then namely this is a diagnosis process. So, after the diagnosis of your health issues, we don’t take hold of your satisfaction. In case, you are unsatisfied with our diagnosis or any of our health treatments. Then, unfortunately, we are not responsible for paying you back.

We hope that you understand and agree to our refund policy before getting an appointment for either consultation, prescription or treatment. 

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