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How To Remove Hemorrhoids Without Surgery?

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common diseases these days, and some people want to treat them without surgery. So, How To Remove Hemorrhoids Without Surgery? You asked.

How To Remove Hemorrhoids Without Surgery?

Most individuals get hemorrhoids at some point, impacting 75 percent of them.

For many individuals, ointments or lotions might give brief relief from their hemorrhoids, making discussing them awkwardly.

A new treatment option for hemorrhoid banding is now available at Capital Health: the CRH O’Regan System.

According to Capital Health Surgical Group’s Dr. Omar, a board-certified general surgeon, the CRH O’Regan System is a rapid, painless, and successful treatment option for hemorrhoids with few consequences.

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“The treatment may be completed in as little as 60 seconds without the need for preparation or sedation. Drive yourself to and from your appointment so that you may go back to your normal routine promptly.”

Unbinding is the most popular non-surgical procedure used to remove hemorrhoids in today’s medical world.

A rubber band is wrapped around hemorrhoid’s base and left in place for a week or two (usually during a bowel movement) to block the blood supply to the affected tissue.

The CRH O’Regan System uses gentle suction instead of metal-toothed forceps to grab hemorrhoids. This reduces the likelihood of discomfort and bleeding.