Dr. Omar Chughtai

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Dr. Omar Chughtai

Health Mentor

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Doctor Omar Chughtai (born January 1979) is an Alternative Medicine Consultant, Health Scholar, Health mentor, Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, and online health influencer from Chichawatni, Pakistan. He is working as a Consultant DoctorOwner, and CEO at LifeLine Family Clinic.

Doctor Omer Chughtai


He has a holistic, curative approach to acute and chronic diseases. He started his professional career as an alternative medical practitioner in 1998.

He established LifeLine Family Clinic (walk-in clinic) based on Alternative & Holistic Health Care Services in January 2000 and online health care services in 2018.

Doctor Omar Chughtai is the founder and senior consultant doctor/house in-charge at LifeLine Family Clinic.

He has been serving thousands of people since the year 1998. It’s been more than two decades that he, as an alternative medicine practitioner saving his patients from intimidating and expensive surgeries. He is offering people to get online consultationsonline prescriptions, and online treatment. Moreover, you can avail of LifeLine Family Clinic’s walk-in clinical services to get assistance from Doctor Omar Chughtai, who’s Pakistan’s best alternative medicine expert. 

  • He is in the Alternative Medicine field since 1998.
  • The House in-charge officer at LifeLine Family Clinic since 2000.
  • Won Gold Medal from Avicenna Homeopathic Medical College in the year 2000.
  • He had done the degree of Bachelors of Homeopathic Medical Sciences from (Peshawar University) in 2020.
  • Doctor of Homeopathic medicine and System (National Council for Homeopathy Pakistan) in 2000.
  • Registered Homeopathic Medical Practitioner (health Department Punjab) in 2001.
  • Tabib (Grade I) Unani Medicine and System (National Council For Tibb Pakistan) in 2010.
  • Registered Tabib and Jarrah (Health Department Punjab) in 2011.
  • Registered as Tabib Grade-I (Healthcare Commission Pakistan) in 2017
  • Has a diploma of Punjab Medical Faculty – Category C (Health Department Punjab) in 2000.
  • Has a certification of Pharmacy Assistant – Category B (Punjab Pharmacy Council) in 2017.
  • He is Hafiz-e-Quran, Qari Quran, Spiritualist, and Holistic Physician.
  • There is a particular interest in Male and Female genital issues, family health issues, weight loss, sports & fitness, skin diseases, beauty care matters, health blogging, and general blogging.
  • First and top Online line alternative health care services provider in Pakistan.
  • He is a leading health mentor in the alternative medicine field in Pakistan.

 Aim and Goal 

Doctor Omar Chughtai aims to establish an online health care center for people worldwide. He started a megaproject(LifeLine Family Clinic). That is why he builds a team of associates and coworkers as a team nowadays. We are proud to assert that “The medical system is on the mend” as Doctor Omar Chughtai puts die-hard efforts to bring positive changes.

He considers that his first and foremost duty is to carter his patients to maintain a balanced life. Therefore, he is determined to assist and aid his patients in getting their lives back on track. For this purpose, health care isn’t solely what he has taken into account. He has been focusing on guiding people about how to deal with specific difficulties.

To achieve his goal and fulfill his aim, Doctor Omar Chughtai has provided Online ConsultationOnline Prescription, and Online Treatment services. People worldwide can avail themselves of the opportunity of Online Consultation (Free/Paid) and Online Prescription (Paid). On the other hand, people from all over Pakistan can get online alternative (natural) medicinal treatments to cure their health issues.

Verily, LifeLine Family Clinic is Pakistan’s First Online Registered Health Care Center, and all credit goes to the die-hard efforts of Doctor Omar Chughtai. 

We seek your prayers and support for Doctor Omar Chughtai to be successful in setting up Pakistan’s best online health and care center! 

A Little Bit More About Doctor Omar Chughtai

Doctor Omar Chughtai, the founder and senior doctor of LifeLine Family Clinic, has been offering his family health care services for more than two decades. Doctor Omar Chughtai made alternative & complementary treatment popular among all classes of the community. 

Doctor Omar Chughtai says that alternative & complementary medicines provide authentic results as compared to allopathic medicine systems. As he is practicing for so many years, Doctor Omar Chughtai has specialized research in chronic diseases. That is why he is a well-known and well-practiced chronic disease specialist. He has also called specializations in spinal disorders, stomach and & liver disorders, Male & female reproductive disorders, anal disorders, and pain-related disorders in different parts of the body. Precisely, he is a multi-specialist who can treat whole-body health issues. 

Blog and Vlog – By Doctor Omar Chughtai

Doctor Omar Chughtai is determined to spread awareness about every perspective of life. Including health, personal life, and social issues, Therefore, He Has established a written and video blog to provide you with every required and essential information to help you cope with your life problems. In short, you can get information about any of your physical health issues, general/chronic diseases, psychological issues, personal/family issues as well as social issues from our written or video blog.

One of his aims is to equip you with life hacks to become capable of living your life without worry or distress. His purpose is to spread awareness about every issue you may face in your routine life. Therefore, he has designated his blog and video pages to provide you with every required and necessary information that you need to overcome your health issues and day-to-day life issues. The more you are aware of certain life-changing tricks and hacks, the more you’ll be able to achieve success in your life! 

Precisely, our weblog has been designated to provide people with the most accessible means to get guidance and treatments to cure their health issues. Moreover, this weblog aims to teach people how to deal with specific life problems such as personal or social issues.

Doctor Omar Chughtai caters to people worldwide with health, social, personal, and psychological issues. Therefore, this platform has been designated to provide you with awareness tips and tricks, and hacks to maintain a balanced, contented, and healthy lifestyle.

He is keen on making you aware of the particular factors that can disturb your life by causing physical health issues, marriage/family issues, or even mental health issues. Even if you are the one who’s terrible at maintaining social interactions, or there some other hazards costing your peace of mind, then we are here to help you out of all this. 

Here, you will find every possible solution to overcome your problems. Our team of experts will provide you with video lectures to make you aware of how to deal with these particular issues of your life.

The plus point is that you can freely ask us for a solution to overcome any of your problems. Whether it is about your health, personal life, or even social issues, we are here to guide you and help you solve your problems.

  • Born: 31st January 1979
  • Residence: Chichawatni-Pakistan
  • Virtual Assistance: Available
  • Address: Life Line Family Clinic-Building #9 - Boys College Road Chichawatni-Pakistan
Get in Touch
  • Address: Life Line Family Clinic - Boys College Road Chichawatni - Pakistan.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +92-40-5485647
  • Virtual Assistance: Available



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